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I think it’s pretty obvious we’re not using this blog anything. Truth be told, we had a blast with this blog. It was like the first time we ever felt “tumblr famous”. But there a certain group of people that would just ruin the fun for us. I know you shouldn’t let a few people ruin something you love doing but we shouldn’t have harassment all the time. So we’re doing a different sideblog together. It’s completely different than this one but hey, it’s still us. It was nice getting to share this blog with you all but our time on here is over. I’ll post links to where you can find us below. I hope you all take care ;;


-Admin M

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Anonymous sent: Your jieun tag in secret, is directed towards lee jieun aka IU. You might consider fixing it.

fixed it ^^ but we don’t have any gifs of her mustached so it’s empty.

zizz-asdf-re-r-o-u sent: that anon gave me good ideas. xD can you make other moving mustaches? like the animated flowers in gain's bloom or hyuna spraying mustaches at pple in her ice cream mv?

I will see if I can try, I might be able to do gain but maybe not hyuna. I’m sure i will make one of them happen.

~Admin R

queensohee sent: Hello!

Hello to you too

~Admin R

Anonymous sent: can you do a Group wonder girls mustache

Sure thing ^^

~Admin R